27 March 2011

Dear Fridge: RIP

On Friday, D., my husband, came home to chaos.  Our fridge had broken down and I only discovered that inconvenient fact in the middle of my making dinner.  I had a distraught baby wailing in one hand, a spatula in the other and a curious toddler trying to be "helpful" to boot.  The mess (and the smell) was profound.  We had to get rid of everything - it was such a waste of food.  Now, when disaster strikes, I'm not typically one to look for the silver lining, but I have to say this was actually a blessing in disguise. 

We threw out a lot of junk food.  A lot.  It was so therapeutic that after dinner, I moved on to purge the pantry!  And the tea shelf.  And the baking cupboard.  And the spice racks.  Now I can say that not only is there no longer any junk food in our home, but also that our kitchen is spick-and-span.  This makes me happy on so many levels!

I love things clean, fresh and classic.  That extends to the kitchen, which is officially my domain!  (Ok, so D. does his share of cooking too, but I've always looked at it as "my office" so to speak.)  It's where I create, inspire and relax.  Where my husband and I grew up, the kitchen was the nucleus of family life, the heartbeat of the home.  We've brought that tradition with us, so it makes us happy to recalibrate our axis... even if we had to lose a fridge in the process.

Some may think me eccentric for waxing nostalgic about the passing of a fridge.  With the whole "spring/rebirth" theme though, I thought it was the perfect start to this blog.  :o) 

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