16 April 2011

Easter Crafts

I am dying to write about the Easter crafts we've been working on!  Before we started, I wasn't sure exactly how craft-y I was going to get this year what with two kids now instead of one and all.  However, my creativity warred with my fatigue... and this time creativity won.  Huzzah!  :o) 


The first craft we tried was a bit of an accident.  M. is going through a growth spurt and his socks can't keep up.  Most of them are worn through the heel and toes and while they can be fixed, he's clearly outgrown them.  I thank Canadian Family magazine for my inspiration here in transforming them into sock bunnies!  These are pretty simple to make: take a clean sock, fill it with dried beans, tie at the neck and the head, cut the ankle section in half for ears and presto!  :o)  We made a few so we could use them as a bean-bag toss game. 

Easter egg animals
A few cards to go with the gifts.

Hope you enjoy the fruits of our labour.  M. is pretty satisfied with the results anyhow.  (He had a hard time giving them away...) 


  1. Alexa I would love to order a few sock bunnies for pascha!!!! Love love love 'em. Would you be up to making some?

  2. I am so sorry I haven't been online this Lent, so I just got your message. Pretty lousy timing eh. Let me know if you're still interested - send me an email. They don't take long, so I would be able to finish them before the end of the week. Not outrageously belated, especially if you're a fan of Bright Week...