11 November 2011

Artsy projects

I've been madly scrambling to finish a few projects due today! 

Some are Christmas gifts and some are to be sold at our local church's Christmas Festival.  I can't tell you how much fun it was to squeeze in the time for these miniatures (they're about the size of your palm).  I can't paint the way I used to because of the kids.  (Can you imagine them getting into my acrylic paints!?  What a disaster!) 

I got the idea for these peg people from our visit to the monastery and here.  I will post more pictures as I finish them off.  I have a whole family planned, plus a priest to go with my deacon and maybe a bishop, though I'd really have to find a crown to glue on top of his head to do him justice.  

I really look forward to the days when I can properly resume my other passion, painting. 

1 comment:

  1. je trouve ca tres joli cces petites poupees simple et expressif tu pourrais en faire pour la creche de noel .... bravo pr ton don d'artiste ! ca c'est un truc que je n'ai pas tu devrais ecrire des livres pour enfant et les illustrer ( une idee ki te plais suremnt ) hahaha mais faudra trouver le temps donc peut etre lorsque les jours seront de 35 heures???? j'ador te lire je vs embrasse fort mela