5 December 2011

Our little workshop

Our preparations for Christmas have me a little tied up these days.  Our workshop (aka: the dining room table) is littered with scraps of this and that.  We're cutting out cardstock and fabric, painting, gluing, colouring, measuring and writing away!  Michael is very busy helping me make some cards as gifts.  (Such a nice idea for the writers on our list!)  He takes his work very seriously, and only a few snack and colouring breaks are allowed.

We're also working on an elaborate Advent calendar at this point.  No pictures right now (it is a Christmas gift after all!), but it's coming along.  That, and our collection of peg people is slowly growing.  I'll do my best to paste up here a few shots when I remember.

Our Christmas decorations have been put up, minus the greenery wreaths and sprigs (these are pending our next forage in the forest), and the Nativity scene is resplendent with majesty on its table of honour.  We are not allowed real Christmas trees (condo living...) but if we find a little branch in the woods, I'm sure it will suffice for the little ornaments we've acquired over the years.

So that's my quick update for now.  Stay tuned for more pictures, crafts and Christmas cookery!

Oh, and happy St. Nicholas day!

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