18 January 2012

Cold snap

This morning we hit a cold snap.  It was too cold to go outside and play, so we made up a game for inside exercise.  This is a life-saver on days where leaving the house is not possible.  The formula for our game goes like this:  Push all furniture aside.  Place a mattress on the floor.  Proceed to chase kids (crawling babies too) around the house.  Once caught, haul them to the mattress and unceremoniously dump them there.  Wait til giggles and squeals subside.  Repeat until breathless and tired.  (Warning: parent may tire in advance of children.  In this case, utilize bouncy balls to distract children, or enlist help of other parent.)

Cold weather needs comfort food.  Something simple and warm that makes you want to snuggle up with a blanket.  Since I am a mother with two kids, macaroni & cheese is usually about as gourmet as my comfort foods get.  There are exceptions, but they are certainly few and far between.  Kids seem to love mac & cheese too, at least my kids do.  Even picky little Julia loves her mushy-milky version.  I will share a recipe from my mother for, what we always felt was as kids, the world's best mac&cheese.  


about 1/2 bag of macaroni, cooked (approximately 300g)
1 1/2 cups milk
2-3 Tbsp white flour
200 g cheddar cheese, chopped into small cubes
1/4 cup spaghetti sauce (optional)
salt to taste

Whisk milk and flour together in a small pot until smooth.  Add cheese and spaghetti sauce if desired.  Heat on med-high and stir constantly until sauce thickens.  Turn heat to low and, stirring constantly, allow cheese to finish melting.  Once cheese is melted, remove from heat.  Add salt according to taste.  

Pour sauce over macaroni.  Place in oven-proof dish and bake in oven for 20 minutes.  Broil on high for about 2 minutes until top is very slightly browned.  

* If serving to babies or toddlers, can mash up or blend the mac&cheese with a little milk to make it easier to chew.  


  1. Ah yes, the mac n' cheese. Good memories of this... its even good cold!

    By the way, the 'inside exercise' part sounds suspiciously like mum. ;~)

  2. But of course! (Gotta work off that cheese somehow...)