21 August 2012


September is poking its face around the corner, and my thoughts are turning evermore towards apples, cinnamon, and nutmeg.  I’m always gearing up for my MILs departure next week.  Yes, my friends, very soon I will be the reigning woman of the house and I am trembling in my boots!  Such large shoes to fill, how WILL I manage it?  One thing’s for sure, I will miss Tante Amira! 

Lacking the ability to browse the internet at whim, I have been occupied with the more noble pursuits of housekeeping, child-amusing, crocheting and cooking.  All the same, I have stumbled upon many tidbits of happiness worthy of mention.  These little joys illumine my days like little jewels, casting their rich glow over each moment they arrest.

  • Seeing the stars perfectly every night, bright and brilliant, twinkling up in the vast midnight swath of sky
  • Listening to the sound of the crickets chirping interrupted only by the silence of the night pressing comfortably against me
  • The feel of the yarn against my fingers as I weave it into whatever form I wish
  • Being surrounded by love and family every day, and the help that each gives so willingly and so happily
  • Studying Arabic during the day, being confused by something and having the whole room jump chivalrously to my aid
  • Reading a phrase in a book that leaps out at me; a phrase or paragraph that exactly describes my feelings or that captures my imagination with its poignancy
  • Going to the store to buy more yarn to make a hot for M, and reveling in the knowledge that I can make warm things for my children for the winter months
  • Baking cinnamon rolls (successfully nixing the butter for oil!) and filling the whole kitchen with that bubbling brown sugar and warm cinnamon smell

There are many more such tidbits that I would love to share, but my husband is calling.  We are to go out for ice cream with the monkeys.  I wish you too many such joys to buoy up your spirits.

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