18 October 2012

One week left to go

I am sitting here and thinking how much I am going to love watching the doc saw the cast off of my leg.  You know how you get all cranky and restless towards the end of a long winter?  It's kind of the same feeling.  Guess it's time to count some blessings, but all I can think of right now is caramel.  A pot of hot, ooey, gooey caramel being taken off the stove, poured into a pan and cooling into creamy, chewy caramels.  Yum.

Yes sir, I am hankering to make caramel.  Have been for a couple of weeks now.  In fact, every molecule in my body is yelling "C-A-R-A-M-E-L"!  I even found a recipe that uses honey instead of corn syrup (which they don't have here).

This brings us to the point: why haven't I made it yet?  I haven't made it yet because D has been teasing me about make too many sweets.  In my defense, I've probably made two cakes in the past month.  I think that's a stellar record.  I will freely admit however that the cream part makes me a little nervous as I know I will consume LARGE quantities of the finished confection.  Perhaps I should embrace my original plan and make the caramel into chocolate robed truffles and give them away as housewarming gifts.  That is, all except for the select few (read dozen) required for taste-testing.  Yes, I'd feel much better about that.

In other non-caramel news, M has started school as of last week.  The first day was the hardest for him, I think.  He's gotten used to the routine and doesn't put up a fuss anymore.  Some of the other little ones, bless them, haven't adjusted yet.  J misses her brother while he's at school.  She asks for him periodically throughout the morning.  It's so sweet to see how much she loves him.

Yesterday M came up to me and asked, "Mama, can you get a baby in your tummy?"  It was cute, and slightly random!  Anyhow, I told him he'd have to pray about that one.  This morning he came to me and told me, "Mama, I prayed.  I said, 'God, please give me a baby.'"  Oh my.  Oh my indeed...

Weather update: It's a sunny 31 degrees today.  Tomorrow it'll be the same.  So much for my earlier predictions of rain and cold...

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