2 January 2013

Welcome 2013!

I was sitting here just now reading a few blogs (and waiting for some dough to rise so I can make these amazing bite-sized spiced meat pies!) and something clicked.  I suddenly felt as if someone had, at that exact moment, brought back all the joy of making things that I had lost at some point along the way.  Perhaps  I lost it when I got pregnant and had no more energy to think much less move.  Or maybe when I broke my foot.  Or maybe it was during a long bout of illness with the little ones.  I don't know.  Every now and then life throws me a curveball and I don't even realize how hard until after the fact.  

Anyhow, it was a heart-healing, joyful and soul-nourishing feeling.  And although I may not turn into the Martha Stewart from years past (and somehow I am at peace with that too), I feel a delightful twitch towards projects long ago put in queue.  :o)

As for New Years, we had a quiet celebration, which is how I prefer it these days.  (Exhausting being pregnant isn't it!?)  The kids went to sleep early, and D and I sat and "chilled" peaceably together with a glass of wine and some munchies to fortify us.  I think we called it a night before the fateful hour, but the next day found us rested and ready to visit with family and friends.  All in all, a very nice way to welcome 2013!

And so, as I wrap up a short but thoughtful post, the snowflakes are falling thick and fuzzy, my babies are napping, my dough is rising, and I am going to curl up for a snooze of my own.  After all, we have Lego to build and hills to sled when the babies arise... and that tires me out to write let alone do!

I wish you a healthy, happy New Year, full of your own joys and projects!

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