17 June 2013

A visually delicious update

Everywhere I gaze, gardens are in full bloom.  Feasting the eyes on God's glorious handiwork is true soul food.  I am refreshed wherever I look.

And my children are in seventh heaven with all that dirt.  Grandma lets them dig around her as she plants or transplants or weeds.  (Is there a kid who doesn't like digging in the dirt?)  When not digging, they like to make mud soup with stone meatballs and mulch dressing.  Yum.

The monkeys are awaiting baby with baited breath.  Perhaps not as baited as I, but they feel the change coming and are excited to be a part of it.  Seriously.  They want that kid out ASAP so they can hold it, hug it, teach it to talk and walk and play soccer.  And ride a bike.  Incidentally, J has just started riding her tricycle by herself.  Not quite there yet, but I can see her going pro by the end of the summer.  (Hallelujah!)  She is our runner.  Loves to run with papa holding her hand.  She's fast too; takes after him - little dash the II.  

D drinks up the moments he spends with the monkeys.  I am practically a cow and useless by suppertime, so that's usually his time to shine.  Weekends are bliss.  (What a man, and what a dad!)

We are all sitting tight for now - basically running around finishing things off before D-day arrives.  I don't know what next week will bring but we shall be in touch with all our happenings - the baby, the big move, the everyday adjustment of #3 and being on our own again, school for M, etc.  

Cheerio for now! 

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