22 July 2013

A smattering of things

 We have a flat of blueberries sitting in the fridge as I write waiting to be turned into delicious jam.  Buying the flats probably wasn't as fun as picking them, but I'm hard pressed to get out these days for diapers much less to blueberry bushes.  Anyhow.  

Our recipe is queued and I am waiting for Tuesday to arrive.  I may have to reschedule to Wednesday, or later, pending the behaviour of three specific monkeys.  You see, two of them currently have fevers and a zombie mom of two invalids and three insomniacs trying to make jam is not a recipe for success.  This time I will not have a babysitter, so I am understandably nervous.  Stay tuned for updates!  :o)

Oh, and here is the finished woodburn.  Not terribly fond of the halo... definitely wiggly in places.  As my art teacher would say, it has character.  

Happy Monday.

PS - Should you ever decide you have a craving for pancakes, I heartily recommend this recipe.  They are by far the best pancakes we've ever tasted - and the fluffiest incidentally.  We modified them slightly by cooking them in sunflower oil not butter.  Yum!  

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