20 September 2013


There was a time where the only difference between weekdays and weekends was that D was home and not at work.  Now, M is away too for the former.  My little boy.  My baby still in so many ways.  I miss him so much!  I treasure our night-time cuddles.  

And now, the weekend has arrived.  Praise be!  More time together!  So many possibilities.  I'm leaning towards apple-picking and I think he is too.  But it's supposed to rain.  Oh well, a little rain never hurt anyone. 

On a completely unrelated topic: this is a picture of granola prior to baking.  It is positively delectable and I highly recommend it.  Of course, like so many great recipes, this one is not really measured.  More like a recipe that you have to "feel".  It goes something like this though: oats, chopped pecans, chopped almonds (sometimes I sub in walnuts), a small scoop of brown sugar, a dash of maple syrup, a generous glug of sunflower oil, a little trip to the oven for 18 minutes and presto!  Granola that would make a bowl of Greek yogurt with berries weep for joy.  

Anyhow.  I'd like to leave behind a few ideas and tasty tidbits.  As if my to-do/project list needed any more additions.  A girl can dream...
  • These little wands are a perfect Christmas gift for J, who's into all things dress-up.  M would probably get a kick out of them too... though he'd likely use it for a sword.  That boy.  He turns everything he plays with into a weapon of some sort.  *sigh*
  • It is apple season.  I can't think of a more worthy offering than pie.  This pie to be specific.  I am itching to take the kids apple picking this weekend.  If that happens, you KNOW this pie will be coming out of my oven!  And of course, apple butter.  My crock pot will be busy, that's for sure.  
  • Speaking of fall goodness, this mouthwatering gratin is my idea of dinner!  Boo-ya veggies.  
  •  If I didn't have a laundry basket's worth of crocheting waiting for me, I'd be working on this right now.  Such a beautiful vest.  
  • I cannot imagine a more perfect gift for M than this.  Christmas?  Next birthday?  Who knows!

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