12 August 2014

Goodies & planning

Well, I sent off my package yesterday for the swap.  Just on time.  I couldn't decide what to send - too many ideas.  Perhaps that's how I came to send out so many little things - lip balm, tooth powder, gift tags, a cotton tea towel, a lion rock and an owl mask.  (The last two are little extras, if you will, for a smaller person of the household.)  Now I can look forward to my own sometime this week or next.  I still can't get over what a great idea this is.  I have already started getting in touch with some ladies in my area to plan a gift swap like this in person.  Hopefully around early November.  Before cold season hits in full force.  (Gotta be practical with little ones...)

I have almost finished planning our goals for this coming school year.  It sounds funny to say that because we're not technically homeschooling.  So why the planning?  Well, the kids and I work together during the year.  Mostly in the mornings before we head out to the bus stop.  Sometimes in the evenings too if M wants to.  Even little J loves to sit with Mama and learn.  During the summer we do the most.  Lots of exploring and discovering together, especially with our little garden and all the insects and animals we see around.  (Even in the city, you'd be surprised what you can see!)  There are no lessons involved of course.  Just curious kids and an equally curious mama.  I love working with them - taking cues from their passions, their interests.  It's not work to them at all.  (That, I think, is a huge benefit of homeschooling: the ability to follow the child's lead in learning so as to make education something effortless and exciting without it being dry work.)  I am grateful for the time I have with each of them.  Especially when I can get them one on one.  That is golden time.  Rare mind you, but jackpot gold.  

So yes, I am almost done our "planning".  I am a planner, by the way.  At least, I like to have a roadmap.  I have no issues detouring, not completing things, or changing course along the way.  I just like to know where I am heading.  And should that change, fine.  Just give me a direction please.  Wandering around in the dark is not my cup of tea.  No sir.  

We are finishing up some jam this week.  We've also gone swimming almost every day.  Yesterday we took some of M's model knights with us to the park and we played with them together.  Even mama.  That was great fun.  We built pretend fires for them to camp out in the forest using little sticks, wood chips and dried leaves.  Then they travelled to the desert (sandbox) where we encountered sandstorms aplenty and had to bury the knights with their steeds during each.  I wish I had remembered to bring the camera.  And then the knights took a bath in the tub.  What a great day.  

PS - This cauliflower did not last.  Not even a full day.  And I made a very large batch.  It's that good.  Even people who don't like cauliflower love this.  If you never have, you HAVE to try this recipe.  


  1. What lovely swap gifts. And how great to organize and real in life one, I might have to do that :)

    1. You would host a wonderful swap, with your lovely home and yard. The hard part would be getting people to leave! :)