22 September 2014


At this moment, and on this lovely first day of autumn, I am...

:: smelling the vat of chicken vegetable soup simmering on the stove as I type.  (Hopefully I don't drool on the keyboard...)

:: waiting excitedly to leave and pick up M from school.  

:: thinking how perfect the weather is - so crisp and cool and sunny - definitely my ideal fall day.  (Our windows are always open and the thermostat off these days.)

:: enjoying the garden even as it winds down (especially the sudden influx of "late" ripening tomatoes).

:: remembering such a great weekend wedding spent connecting with family I haven't seen in years.  (Congrats Heather & Pete!)

:: organizing my sewing and crocheting projects for the week.  (Hurray for projects!) 

:: planning another trip to the apple orchard - we are down to 3 apples.  (They might last till tomorrow... or not.)

:: wishing you all the fullness and beauty of a fall day.   


  1. We are headed to the apple orchard on Wednesday, can't wait! Fall sounds good in your neck of the woods, enjoy!

    Happy Fall!

    1. And we are planning for Thursday. :) Love this time of year so much!