4 September 2014

Sketchbookery & kitchen updates

I haven't been around here for a bit.  Haven't really been online too much.  Unplugged is the word.  I've been unplugged.  The beginning of school does that to me.  I need to focus on the kids and myself and our time together.  

Also, I haven't been bringing my camera with me.  At all.  Lovely trip to Michigan last weekend?  No camera.  Beautiful walk around Port Credit the other day?  Nope.  Swimming with the monkeys?  Nope.  I am hopeful that this can only get better from here...  Anyhow, you'll have to take my work for it that we have been busy.  Lots of cuddles, deep conversations, connecting, and vacuuming.  You heard that right.  My son likes to vacuum.  Loves it.  What 5 year old doesn't love a machine he can push around that makes tons of noise?  (That is a rhetorical question... don't shatter my illusion!)

We have put by some peaches, finally.  First time I've canned them without processing them.  I actually did one with just water (ie: no sugar added).  Curious to see how it turns out.  Our peaches were slightly on the ripe side so, while  I'm sure most other photos of preserved peaches look less mushy, ours do not.  They are positively delicious though.  I don't know how long they'll last.  Might try to get in one more round before throwing in the towel.  It'd be nice to make a peach pie or something in the middle of January.  A little summer nostalgia served with a wedge of sunshine.  

While I mull it over, I've decided to try my hand at pickles.  My plan is to start with just one jar to see how it turns out.  If D is convinced, we'll be canning cucumbers for a bit.  We eat a lot of pickles... in fact I have the weirdest craving for them right now!  (No.  I'm not pregnant.)

Farmer's markets are still bustling around here.  We enjoy walking around admiring some of the offerings.  The kids are always given a slice of fruit, or a little taste of whatever.  The hardier crops are making more of an appearance - more varieties of potatoes, carrots, beets, lettuce, spinach.  

We made manacotti for the first time today.  We added chopped spinach and parsley from our garden.  That was special.  I didn't follow a recipe and I think I put too much cheddar.  It was very good though otherwise.  I'll tweak it a bit before I post it here.  Definitely a nice recipe to have on hand - not too time consuming, easily made the day before, and filling.  :) 

And now I come to the real reason for my post: a drawing!  Saving the best for last...

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!


  1. Your sketches! Lovely. I love snails, when they aren't in my garden, such interesting creatures.

    I am hoping to put a few more peaches by this weekend, just in the freezer. They are so good this year. I am hoping my pickles turned out better than last years. I love pickles, but just didn't enjoy the ones I canned last year. Little man and hubby did, so they go eaten, but I would have liked to be able to help them eat them. Fingers crossed this years batch is much better.

    Happy weekend! xo

    1. Yes, they can be little rascals. My kids have been picking them up all over the place. We have several empty shells along with hundred of acorns.

      I am hoping that our pickles turn out ok too. Just made some today. They smelled amazing before I poured in the brine. Fingers crossed indeed!

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    1. Thank you! My kids are forever picking up these little critters and bringing them home. :)