25 November 2014

Odds and ends

Yesterday I bought a coat.  It was on sale.  (Of course!)  My lovely sister-in law-is great with sales.  I depend on her for most of that stuff.  (I do not have the time or inclination to shop frequently... it's a nightmare with the kids anyhow!)  D was happy he didn't have to fork over an arm and a leg, and this coat is much warmer than my older, threadbare version.  (Hurray for wool!)  

Our kitchen has been busy this past week.  Oh so busy.  Bread, soup, spinach, fish with garlic, stuffed grape leaves...  But not much time to share, which makes me a little sad.  I love getting ideas and inspiration from others, and I feel it's important to share domestic ideas too!  Quotidian mysteries, indeed!  Right now we have a pot of vegetable soup simmering on the stove.  Just need to whip up a quick loaf to go with.

I have plans for a certain amount of wood burning this month or next.  It's a little last minute, so we'll see if I can squeeze it in somehow.  I love the smell of wood when the burning singes it.  Sweet, smoky and warm.  For me, it's a winter hobby.

I like Stephanie's idea of sharing her Christmas crafting each week.  Brilliant!  I hope to try it out too, but I'm already pretty lousy at getting on here more than once a week, so that might be a bit much.  I'll have to play it by ear.  I just love the idea though!

Our Christmas journey has started already.  More importantly than all the crafting going on, we've started preparing our hearts for the feast!  We've put out our Nativity crèche, which was given to me by a dear, dear friend who passed away a few years ago.  Every time I see them, I remember her smile, her loving heart, her helping hands, and all the blessings she brought into the lives of those around her.  I remember our time together teaching and preparing lessons.  I remember her tutoring.  I remember her gentleness.  I remember that sooner or later, we will all pass through the same portal.  And strangely, it inures me against the rampant commercialism during this time.  

Wishing you a happy Tuesday.  


  1. How lovely to be able to remember you friend during the Christmas season with the beautiful gift she gave you.

    I love the smell of wood burning too, although it is my hubby that is usually doing it :)

    1. Sometimes I stop working just to smell the wood. A few moments inhaling and I feel complete!

      This gift is definitely a treasured one. Just like she was.

  2. Oh those vine leaves look divine! Again, busy busy home... We are starting with our Christmas stuff this week-end. My daughter has been at us since right after Halloween. It's been a constant debate. :-)

    The crèche is beautiful...

    1. So hard to hold them back sometimes, eh?! :) Love their enthusiasm!