22 December 2014

Culinary arts and other creative pursuits

Obviously most (though not yet all) of the making going on here is edible.  And most of it gifts.  My little elves have been involved in mostly everything we've been doing, as you can see.  Such a help, these babies!  I've noticed that, though things get messier and require more time to complete, when I let them help, we all end up feeling wonderful.  They with their sense of accomplishment and confidence, and me with the joy of working alongside my babies.

:: Peppermint bark was a smashing success based solely on the chocolate-smeared faces of my girls.  (And so it starts... girls and chocolate.)  The candy cane smashing was pretty intense and I had to sweep it up before things really got out of hand.  (Imagine candy cane floors!)  The  joys of making things with kids usually preclude photography.  But we did snap a beginning and a final shot...

:: Petit fours.  At least, they will be with a smear of jam and a dip of chocolate.  (The candy sprinkles, ground nuts, or chocolate drizzles are optional, but pretty traditional in our home...)  And of course, some more Christmas cookies by the little ones.

:: Yule logs.  My little man actually did most of the work.  I just folded the batters together and popped them in the oven.  He insisted on spreading the filling and helping coat them.  It was lovely.  And he even did the dishes afterwards!  (My hero!)

:: Gingerbread cookies.  The kids wanted reindeer.  I kind of prefer the little men.  Oh well.  To each his own.

:: Meat pies.  Hard to resist "testing" them.  So hard.  However, they are now safely tucked away in the freezer.  *Whew!*

I think I might have mentioned that while we have bought a few gifts this year, most of our gifting is coming from our hands, especially the kids.  Regardless of why, I find that is has given us more time to experience the Advent journey together in true peace of soul.  It is a lovely feeling to be able to focus on the Nativity of Christ without so many distractions and craziness.  So easy to be sucked into that vortex.  So easy to forget the reason for this time.  The kids love reading about the Wise Men, learning the hymns and carols of the feast, sitting and talking about Christ coming to earth.  We've had so many profound conversations, which I don't think would be possible if we were running around shopping or so unconsciously focused on consumerism.  I am so thankful for this time, for this experience.  It is completely different experiencing this feast with children and each year I am reminded of my blessings.

Wishing you much joy and peace in the kitchen and everywhere in your homes and hearts.


  1. Look at all that delicious goodness!!! Yum! So happy you guys have found your own way to make this season special and magical, and avoided the hustle and bustle :)

    Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday week. Enjoy! xo

  2. This blog brought tears to my eyes. You will look back on this time as so precious and the true spirit of Christmas. Merry Christmas from Aunt Anne and Uncle Duncan

    1. Sweet words from a sweet soul. We wish you and Uncle Duncan a Happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year from the bottom of our hearts! xo