17 July 2015

The first of many...

Between chores, daily swimming lessons and obligatory meals, I have snuck in the time to start work on my very first patchwork quilt.  What an experience!  It's not very neat, to be sure.  I didn't measure very much while I was cutting.  I was in a hurry to finish cutting and start sewing.  (I don't have a lot of time during the day to focus without little hands and little questions taking over.)  A lot of leftover fabric needed to be used up, so it was the perfect project!  I just need to pick out a nice fabric for the backing and another for the binding.

More updates as this unfolds, but can I just say that I have fallen in love with quilting.  I love it.  I want to make quilts all day.  For now anyway.  (And if someone offered to do the measuring and cutting, well I'd be as happy as can be to sew all day!)  I have two other quilts planned out already and just waiting for a trip to Fabricland.  :)

My 6-year-old learned to whistle a couple weeks ago.  It is now rare NOT to find him whistling.  He whistles when he's breathing, when he wakes up from sleeping, while he's working, building lego, playing chess, walking...  It would be hilarious if it also didn't get slightly annoying!  I am trying to work on my annoyance threshold, so I tolerate it for the most part.  Whistling in church is a no-no, however, as well as during nap time.  There are times though where I can't hold it in and I have to ask him to stop.  He complies directly, but 30 seconds later, he's at it again.  Not because he's being defiant.  He is just that absentminded.  At least about whistling.  Oh well.  More opportunities for me, I suppose.

We snuck in time to make some raspberry jam this week.  We were picking peas and the raspberry patch was right beside us.  The kids and I were practically face-first in the bushes stuffing our mouths with those delicious berries!  I still have one more batch to do and then we'll work on some blueberry jam.  Lots of blueberries around.  Those are our three favourite kinds of jams.  The kids do love peach jam too mind you.  I'm just a little bit paranoid of preserving enough peaches first in jars before we look at any peaches for jam.  (In my books, sliced sunny peaches in the winter beat jam...)

Last weekend we went up to visit some family at their cottage near Lake Simcoe.  They are right on the lake.  Such a beautiful place, and lots of wonderful memories for the kids too.  How they loved being outdoors all day, swimming and playing and boating and being surrounded by love and attention.  God bless family.  We had a long drive on the way home and the kids were out cold in the backseat, leaving D and I a chance to talk peacefully together without interruptions.  Heaven.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend too...


  1. Your quilt looks great! Can't wait to see it completed. I have been itching to give quilting a try, but think I will start with something a little smaller, maybe a quilted bag :)

    Just finished another batch of raspberry jam this afternoon. My pantry shelves are filling up fast.

    Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend.

    1. How I would love to be peeking through your pantry! I am still hoping to put by some tomatoes (tomato paste actually) this year. Once you try the homemade stuff, you can't go back! :) You are wise... this quilt might be a little while in the making. But I'm sure your project will be beautiful, given your artistic flare!

  2. Great job on the quilt! If I can make a suggestion for the backing : IKEA! Ikea fabrics are sold by the meter and since they have been designed for furniture and bed linens, the huge are huge and perfect for backing a quilt. And so cheap! (about 7$ a meter) You could never get away with quilting cause you would loose to much while cutting your pieces, but turning that quilt around to find a bold print Scandinavian inspired design on the back, what a statement! Thought I would share. :-)

    We are picking strawberries for jam this week-end, so very exciting! And I agree with you : sliced peaches over peach preserves any day!

    Have a lovely week-end. xo

    1. That is excellent news, thanks, Yanic! I would never have thought to check IKEA, but now that you mention it, it's perfect!

      Enjoy your strawberry picking. So much fun to harvest and preserve!