13 August 2015

Summer adventures

Last week we took a hike along the Riverwood Conservation trail nearby.  It was lovely.  The day was so warm, but hiking in the forest is cool enough to be enjoyable despite the heat.  The children saw all sorts of animals and birds - chickadees, bluejays, cardinals, sparrows, chipmunks, squirrels, bees - but no deer.  They had so wanted to find a deer, but with all the noise they made tramping along and investigating, I'm not really surprised.   I have to say that it was quite interesting hiking back up the hills on the way back.  Needless to say, I'm not in the best shape.  :(

On a whole different front, I have some terrible news.  Catastrophic really.  My fermented cucumbers did not turn out!  Oh how sad I was after all the excitement and success of the past.  I have no idea why either.  All I know is that they smelled off when I opened the jars and they had grown mold.  What a huge disappointment.  The only thing that remains is to try again.  And my fingers will be crossed the entire time!  (Along with some prayers sent heavenwards that I don't waste another batch of those delectable cucumbers!)

 I promised to help someone with chemistry, but it's been many years since university.  So, I have been spending most of my free time studying and refreshing my tired old brain.  Except when this cutie pie climbs onto my lap.  (What a monkey she is!)  She is our new pigtails - finally convinced her to let me put that mop of hers into some order! 

I am going through an interesting phase in the kitchen these days.  Everything to do with housework has become a chore, including cooking.  The bare minimum gets done in the kitchen.  Lentils and rice with salad.  Roasted potatoes and carrots.  It doesn't sound too bad maybe, but the joy has gone out of it for the time being.  Right now, it is a chore and I feel like rolling my eyes when I think of what needs to be done around the house.

Thank God for these darling helpers of mine.  They are little motivators.  Here is M making some dough for spinach pies since we need to harvest some of our spinach.  Honestly, they are so nice to have on hand when we want to head outdoors.  They're portable and delicious - perfect food for little hands to hold while running around.  And J is making a cheese sauce.  (With mama supervising stove-time.)  And little S.  Well, she's hunting around for a spoon to stir the pasta.  :)  

Everyone helps mama.  And mama is so grateful for the support that even little hands can give.  Bless their little hearts!  Now if only I could find a volume button for them...



  1. Your nature walk looks just lovely, so much of life and fun. Sorry about your pickles, fingers crossed for your next batch. I have six jars going right now, and two jars of beans, and am hoping they all turn out.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

    1. Thanks, Kim. It was disappointing, but from what I've been reading since, not so uncommon with fermented cukes. Wishing you luck with yours!

  2. I was in the same boat most of summer. Cooking was just not at the top of my list so there was a lot of "single ingredient" composed dinner. Like you, basic but nutritious. But it's been cool here : It's finally put me back into a baking/cooking mood. And I too have a great little helper. Playing with any kind of dough is a hit with her so I usually don't have to ask too much.

    I'm so sorry about your pickles. My 2 first fermenting experiences turned into mold and hooch as well. I've decided that maybe my house is just a bit too warm right now. So After the initial 3 days, I've stuck mine in the fridge. It will take longer, but I'm hoping the spoilage will be to a minimum. *Fingers crossed*

    Your babies are so beautiful!

    1. Thanks, Yanic. We seem to have been visiting similar periods together. That is always a comforting thought. :) I can't wait for something to snap me out of it though. A little cool weather sounds like just the thing! Fingers crossed for your pickles too.