9 June 2011

I am slowly going crazy

I feel like I need to get this off my chest.  I am a terrible mother.  You know the mom who usually has it together but occasionally goes off the deep end?  That's not me.  I'm the mom who rarely has it together.  I'm that lady you see with the black circles under her eyes, who looks like deer perpetually caught in headlights.  Also, if you see a lady wandering around the park with a slight twitch and borderline hysterical, please don't be alarmed.  That's probably me too.

With all the chaos, internal and especially external, it's a wonder I have the presence of mind to brush my teeth before bed much less entertain guests!  And yet, entertain guests we do.  Frequently.  It's actually calming to sit and enjoy an interesting conversation amid the craziness that is my life.  I'm sure there are times when it can become too much, but strangely enough, we haven't hit that point enough for me to remember.  
Image taken from Rebecca at Babyccino Kids
Speaking of entertaining, I found this recipe for panna cotta on a blog called Babyccino Kids.  It looked so simple and elegant that I had to try it out.  It probably won't make me a great mom, but I'm betting it'll still make me feel a tinsy bit better all the same.  Plus, it looks like the perfect dessert to serve the next time we have company!

Makes 8 servings

2 cups whipping cream
2 cups milk
1/2 cup sugar
2 Tbsp vanilla (can also use rum or lemon extract)
2 packages knox gelatin

Soften gelatin as directed on package.  Heat the cream and milk over low heat.  Add sugar and stir until dissolved.  Add vanilla.  Stir in gelatin until melted. Pour into individual serving bowls/cups, or into a cake mold.  Chill in fridge.  Serve with fruit coulis, fresh berries, or chocolate sauce.

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