Hi, my name is Alexa.  I am wife to a superman husband and mother of three wonderful children, M, J and S.  I'm a little old fashioned.  I love my Eastern Orthodox roots, sketching outdoors, vegetable gardens, drinking tea from cups with saucers, chemistry, homemade ice cream (of the strawberry variety), crocheting, and reading quietly in the evenings.  I have an incurable sweet tooth, and I can't decide which season is my favourite.  I find a great measure of peace in good, honest and (especially) handmade work.

I decided to start blogging shortly after the birth of my second.  It seemed to be a logical step for someone who's been journalling since the age of 10.  While it's full of recipes, this is not strictly a food blog because, quite frankly, I am at best an amateur chef.  It's more a mishmash of recipes, reflections and projects all intertwined as a part of daily life.  

Food does and always has had a special place in our lives.  When I was growing up, the kitchen was the nucleus of family life; the heartbeat of the home.  The whole family met at least once a day in the kitchen, and usually over a meal - fresh baked bread and stew, or mom's homemade macaroni and cheese.  Here, amidst food, we discussed problems, attempted projects and shared dreams.  Our food wasn't always physically edible - sometimes "food" meant a good cry, an hour with the paintbrushes, or a good book - but it was always wholesome and creatively delicious!  My husband and I are hoping to bring this tradition with us for our children: creative food to help fill body and soul with wholesome strength, quiet simplicity and a contented, loving heart.


NB: All photos and text, unless otherwise indicated, have been created by me.  Please respect my artistic property and use them only with permission.  Thank you.


  1. very nice habibi i love ur initiative
    j'y ai pense il y a quelques annees mais l'ordinateur et moi ne sommes pas grands amis c'est avec un grand plaisir que je vais suivre ce blog bravo pour les recettes et les belles fotos bravo pour essayer d'echaper a ce monde de consommation qui nous envahit je t'embrasse Carmela

  2. Grand merci, Carmela. Let's share some recipes! J'espere que tu vas trouver le temps de detendre plus.