7 September 2011

Fresh life

We arrived to Lebanon safe and sound this past Friday.  Our days have consisted so far of adjusting to the time difference, catching up on sleep and staying cool!  (The heat is almost unbearable, especially for little monkies!) 

Yesterday we took M, his uncle and his cousin swimming.  It was heaven!  On the way back, we stopped by their garden and picked some cuccumbers.  (When I say garden, I mean a very large garden that includes, among the typical fare of vegetables and herbs, fruit trees and a small olive orchard.)  It is a little kid's paradise! 

We also stopped by their neighbours, who keep cows, for some fresh milk.  It was still warm from the cow!  M's grandmother (Teta Amira) made it into fresh yogurt and pudding... which we enjoyed in the evening with homemade meat pizzas (called lahmeh bajeen in arabic).  Yum!

Needless to say, we are enjoying the simple life here! 

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