26 October 2011


Kids bathed?


Dishes done?


Cheese pies finished?

Check, check!

Welcome to a typical night in my home!  The checklist is actually quite a bit longer, but you get the general idea I think.  Every night I have a checklist.  Sometimes it's primitive: don't kill kids, wash face, brush teeth...  (You'd be surprised how often those last two are NOT accomplished.)  Othertimes, it's creative: roll grape leaves, sweep up dried playdough, make more playdough...  But it's always practical.  :o)

Honestly, I love lists.  That's how I get through life.  From my high school days onwards, lists were my saving grace.  Nowadays, my brain is like a sieve, so my love of lists holds true moreso for today that ever! 

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  1. comme je comprends bien tout ce que tu decrits....