19 October 2011

Goodbye Phone

I.  Just.  Dropped.  My.  Phone.  In.  The.  Bathtub. 

Literally.  Just now.  Did I mention we only have one phone in the house?  Oh, and I don't have a cell phone.  And why, oh why was I using a phone near a filled bathtub?  Well, kids are asleep, mom is soaking her feet and decides to have a chat with dad.  Very, very, very bad idea.  Obviously.

So I am here.  No phone.  My husband is probably wondering why he can't get a hold of me.  "Why won't that woman pick up the phone!?"  In this case, I think not knowing will be better than knowing.  :o)  I have no doubt of the tirade to follow such a proclaimation. 

"You did WHAT!" 

"Honey, it was an accident!  Clearly I wasn't planning to drop the phone in a foot of water.  As if I'm not lamenting the death of our phone either."

"What I'm lamenting is that the severity of accidents that follow you seem to grow exponentially.  What's next?  The computer?  Oh wait, you've already covered that.  I think I'll wait to get a tablet until you've destroyed someone elses."

"I'm not laughing."

"Me neither."

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