5 March 2012

My list today...

I have several things on my mind simultaneously.  Most of them projects lined up in queue.

:: Learn to crochet.  Learn to crochet before I reach 30.  In fact, learn to crochet before the summer so I can start to make J some cute spring/autumn sweaters!  

:: Start sewing those little forest critters that have been sitting in the back of my mind for months.  

:: Improve French.  I almost despair of this because my memory has become a sieve.  Nonetheless, I will soldier on!

:: Finish sandpaper alphabet letters.  *Sigh*  I am trying to teach M the alphabet and I am using the Montessori method.  Unfortunately, I have not been able to finish making the letters.  Thus, we have yet to start.  Frustrating.  Very frustrating.

:: Work on watercolour.  And simultaneously work on not procrastinating when a spare minute arises to work on watercolour.  

I can go on and on, but my main gripe problem is this: why does it seem like my list gets longer instead of shorter?!  I can't remember when I've crossed something off without adding another 2 or 3 in its place.  Am I the only one with this problem?

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