13 April 2012

A Solemn Day

Icon of Christ's burial by Theophanes of Crete

"O thou who puttest on light like a robe, when Joseph, with Nicodemus, brought thee down from the Tree and beheld thee dead, naked and unburied, he mourned outwardly and grievously, crying to thee with sighs and saying, 'Woe is me, O sweet Jesus, whom but a while ago, when the sun beheld suspended upon the Cross, it was shrouded in darkness, the earth quaked with fear and the veil of the Temple was rent asunder.  Albeit, I see that thou willingly endurest death for my sake.  How then shall I array thee, my God?  How shall I wrap thee with linen?  Or what dirges shall I chant for thy funeral?  Wherefore, O compassionate Lord, I magnify thy Passion, and praise thy Burial with thy Resurrection, crying, 'Lord glory to thee.''"

(Apostical Doxasticon of Good Friday)