22 September 2012

I am ok

Someone asked me if life is slower for us here.  I can't be 100% sure, but it does feel like time has slowed down a little.  I keep trying to pinpoint why, but I don't know if I can put my finger on it.  It may because of the lack of advanced technology that most people take for granted.  It may be because every day most stores close in the afternoon while their owners take a siesta for a few hours.  It may be because everyday people drop by without warning to sip some coffee, chat and generally "smell the air" as they say in Arabic.  (This is what you say of someone who is enjoying life and taking time to "smell the roses".)  It may be because of the lack of structure and order in the administrative sphere - and most spheres in general for that matter.  It may be because here, your word is worth something and everything can be staked on your reputation.    

Or perhaps it feels slow because I broke my foot last week... !!!

I just found out that I have broken a bone in my ankle - the tibia for you physiology, kinesiology, and medical gurus.  It's a small hairline fracture, but it puts me out of commission more or less.  I am not a happy camper.  Here I was planning to resume running again now that the weather is not so unbearable in the mornings.  "Man proposes and God disposes."  It remains to be seen whether I need a cast or not.  (Please Lord, not a cast!)  Thankfully, I am not in much pain if I keep off my foot.  Definitely a change from other fractures I've had.  :o)  

Despite the downer, my spirits are still in good shape.  I was thinking this morning of my many blessings, and the little things that make me happy.  It's an exercise I like to try as often as possible.  Here's my list:   
  • Squeezing oranges for fresh juice in the morning.  (Tropicana, you got NOTHING on this juice...)
  • Seeing J happily sipping her juice - slightly sweet with a gentle hint of tang - and knowing there really are no added sugars or preservatives!
  • Watching M drink a cup of yogurt that I made... and then ask for seconds.  
  • A plate of labneh (Lebanese version of Greek yogurt) for breakfast, drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with dried mint.
  • Reading emails from dear friends and family members and feeling connected to them despite the distance.
  • Learning how to make a new dish - like lima beans with tender beef chunks in a mild tomato sauce! (Thanks Therese!)
  • Picking up an old book and being able to read uninterrupted for an hour!
  • Watching my husband do the dishes so I can put my feet up.
Hoping you have a wonderful weekend... sans broken bones!

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