27 December 2013

My blessings

While far from our usual merrymaking this time of year, nevertheless, we have had our fill of those special moments and blessings that this feast brings.  It seems that even illness is no match for Christmas!  Hope you have enjoyed counting your own blessings too...

:: little hands so eager to help with the holiday baking
:: large trays of warm, fragrant gingerbread cooling on the countertops
:: cuddling together on the sofa in the twilight while reading the story of the Christ-child
:: watching little ones building forts under the dining room table
:: managing to keep up the family tradition of homemade Yule logs
:: woodburning late in the evening when all is quiet
:: hearing baby coo and squeal and laugh when we play with her
:: watching the snow flakes swirl down onto the beautiful ice-robed trees 
:: playing snakes and ladders together at least 5 times in one day
:: finishing the blanket and being happy yet a tiny bit sad it was done and gone
:: seeing papa playing with the kiddies in the special ways only a papa can
:: feeling my heart swell as I listen to laughter and squealing from my babies 
:: pajama days... too many in number to be respectable
:: finishing the laundry 
:: a clean house (!!)
:: planning new projects for the coming year (!)  :o)

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