5 August 2016

Reading, animals and other summer adventures

Last time I posted I referred to the long weekend we just had as "Family Day".  Family Day is in February.  Apparently.  (And that is why I'm not in charge of anything important.)  It wasn't Family Day, just a Civic Holiday.  Oh well.  We still had our own "family day" and enjoyed it together!

Our city libraries have been on strike this summer.  Until now that is.  At last the doors are open again and we shall make our way there tomorrow to collect some new books.  The kids especially are eager to stock up on some audio books.  We've missed them.  And perhaps find out if the summer reading club will continue this year?  All good things to look forward to when you're 3 and 5 and 7.   (Baby M likes books too, but she prefers to gum them instead of read them.  We're working on that.)

We spent an afternoon at Black Creek Pioneer Village.  No pictures from the Village here, but lots of memories.  I recall a lot of impromptu insect studies.  An especially large ant, an enormous fly, a hiding spider... little eyes notice little things.  Also, the animals were a big hit.  The kids just love animals.

Speaking of animals, we went to a farm this past weekend for the afternoon, and the kids just gravitated towards the livestock.  As you can see, they enjoyed a donkey ride.  Feeding a horse clumps of grass was also promptly executed by three willing volunteers.  They felt there wasn't enough food for the horse in her yard.  :P  How funny children are.  I am trying my best to sit back and let them "unfold" a bit instead of constantly restraining or checking them.  It's also part of me trying to understand them.  Each child is a huge puzzle to me.  Why does one adore horses while the other is ga-ga over tractors?  Each is so different, yet they share many similarities as well.  (I may never get the hang of this parenting thing!)

I love these monkeys!  Gotta love a good tire swing.  This one reminded me of those old fashioned swings that swing out the barn door into the sky beyond!  It actually does swing out the door, and while I have been trying to let the kids "unfold", I wasn't ready for a broken arm.  So, we kept it tame.  Plenty of time for them to discover the joys of jumping from the hayloft on a tire swing on their own.  For now, they enjoyed the swinging without the jumping.  :)

I've been stumped as to what project to pick up next.  I've been teaching a bit of crocheting to one of the kids, so I have a dishcloth I'd like to finish off, but I have no idea what to do next.  A quilt feels like a wonderful project to start!  But I am simultaneously gravitating towards the paints.  Oh I feel the pull of those colours - silent, strong, relentless.  Or maybe they both need a turn together?  Ah, I am making myself dizzy.  Tomorrow is another day to decide.  In the meantime, I have a few printing and laminating jobs to finish.  And there's that pegboard that needs to go up...  (oh, housework, how I love thee...)

This post has been a little bit of this and a little bit of that.  Sort of what life is like for me I guess.  Lots of ups and downs.  Lately a few downs.  :(  I don't particularly enjoy them, though I see their merit once I've passed through the tunnel.  What seems to help most is staying busy.   I actually made some vegan burgers the other day.  I think they were good, but could benefit from a little tweaking.  You know that feeling?  When you know you're on to something good, but it's just not there yet?  Ya, that.

Oh, and when did this darling 3 year old get so big?  Just edible.  Except when she's whining.  Then she drives me nuts!  Just my luck that she's got this "whine-y" voice thing going.  We're working on that - for MY sanity more than anything else!

Wishing you a sunny, warm and relaxing weekend!

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