4 October 2016

Apples and pumpkins are upon us!

I've been procrastinating and procrastinating and procrastinating writing a post here.  And suddenly, POOF!  It's already October and time has flown by.  Early October, with its crisp mornings and sun-warmed afternoons; with its long sleeves and sweaters (at least in the morning); with its explosion of colours on the trees and plants everywhere; with its profusion of apple and pumpkin EVERYTHING!  September is a more subtle introduction, but October welcomes autumn in all its flaming glory! 

I have three hats in queue.  Already.  In fact I would like to do a few more as gifts, but it may be more than I can handle at this point.  Slowly, slowly.  I do have plans for another patchwork quilt, but that is more like a long-term project.  Perhaps before the springtime?  D has been giving me shirt after shirt - the ones that have worn out with wear, which means I have a nice selection of fabric waiting for me.  

I did finish up some summer projects, most notably that icon above.  A special work indeed.  I don't know if I'll work on another one before the end of the year, but it is awfully tempting!  

Kids have settled into their school routine, though I would like to make a greater effort to be outside more.  Too fleeting this gorgeousness!  I hope to be back with more happenings before November!  

In the meantime, just look at how these monkeys have grown!  Too fast, I say!  (Oh, and how much do I love raising little readers!)


  1. A lovely little catch up, so glad to see things are going well in your world. xo

  2. So nice to see you again, Kim! Hope you are well.