31 December 2016

Sleepy and thankful

I'm sitting up awake and the house is quiet, not a creature stirring, not even a mouse!  :)  Couldn't resist throwing that line in there.  It is quite appropriate.  We had some dear friends over today.  What is it about true friends, real kindred spirits?  They transcend time and space in tangible ways.  Why, when we have been apart for so long, we just pick up right where we left off without any ado!  It's quite beautiful.  

My heart is soothed by sweet friends and family.  I think everyone should have some kindred spirit with which to share their love, their joys, their messy moments.

Anyhow, after a satisfying visit, I am sitting here just enjoying the quiet.  I should be up finishing the dishes and possibly sweeping the floor, but I just can't.  More accurately, I have decided to leave them all until tomorrow.  Blessed tomorrow will provide a bit of added energy and resolve to tackle the leftover work from today.  

We are planning a quiet New Year's together here at home.  Perhaps we will go tobogganing, or skating.  Then curl up with hot chocolate (and marshmellows if my kids have any say in the matter) and possibly talk, or play an impromptu game together.  

So I just looked at the time and it is much later than I imagined.  That's my cue to turn in.  Wishing you a wonderful start to 2017!  

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