19 May 2011

The Farmers' Market

Yesterday the farmers' market nearby opened!  (Actually, I think it opened last week, but we couldn't get out to it, so for us it opened yesterday.)  They open from May until October and it's my favourite time of year!  :o)

Just seeing all the fresh fruits and vegetables displayed in their cartons made me happy.  The farmers cut up pieces of fruit so everyone could sample them.  I will say that the cherries were to DIE for!  We bought some sweet peaches (and I mean sweet!) and M. has practically devoured them all.  We also bought camomile soap and delicious blueberry honey - the honey is made from blueberry blossoms in NB.  

Taken from Anna at FlowerGardenGirl.wordpress.com

I found out from one of the vendors that not all the fruits and vegetables were locally grown.  To be fair, they were clearly labelled on signs, but I have to admit I was a little disappointed hearing this.  I can go to the supermarket and get the same produce that I get at my farmers market.  :o(  Bummer.  However, once the items are in season, they should be strictly from Ontario. 


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