15 March 2012

Inspiration Thursday

This project marks the beginnings of spring crafts (read: Pascha gifts).  M doesn't much like to help with these critters since the fine motor skills required are a little advanced for my almost-three-year old.  Perhaps a four year old would fare better?  If you have one, do let me know.  

For me it's kind of an on-and-off endeavor for when I run out of yarn to crochet.  Or when the kids are occupied and I have a spare minute.  (Obviously this doesn't happen often, especially since J is sick...) 

It's pretty simple though.  Just "sew" three squares of plastic canvas with your choice of yarn.  Make sure not to edge the back piece with yarn, just the two "mouth" pieces, and only on two sides.  (See two photos below if confused.)  Attach two "mouth" pieces to the back piece around the edges with yarn.  Affix googly eyes, feathers, feet, ears, etc.  And off you go!  We've made quite a few canvas creatures: doves, chicks, ducks, frogs, rabbits, etc.  Maybe one day I'll have the presence of mind to take photos of the above...

Anyhow, not a bad idea for inspiration.  What I really love about these canvas critters is that their mouths open nice and wide.  Perfect for slipping a little treat inside.  Say, a Lindor truffle.

I love Lindt.  That, however, is another topic completely.  And certainly one that will not be attempted until after Lent.

PS - Excuse the blurry photo.  It does kind of mirror where I am at this moment though.  Slighty out-of-focus from lack of sleep.  Sick babies are no fun.


  1. Congrats on the new digs ♥ Loving everything, Alexa! ((HugZ)) Love, Sandra Z. Hajjar

    1. Thanks, Sandra! So glad you stopped by. Hope you are well and the babies aren't driving you crazy. (At least, not all the time...)