3 April 2012

Big plans

Lots of bustle going on here.  Baking and planning and story telling.  (Can't have a day without reading a story to the kids.  Or reciting one from memory.  Or composing one on the spot -   preferably one with a moral relevant to certain pertinent behaviours...)  For some reason, this is usually accompanied by "fort" making.  Hidden nooks for little people.

My nook is the kitchen.  Our ridiculously tiny cozy kitchen.  Lots of baking coming up for Pascha and the feasting following thereof.  Our Easter is a week belated, so while most of you are celebrating this weekend, I am gifted with another week to prepare.  So yes, there's a lot of planning what to bake right now.

In other non-food news: Spring is creeping up on us and I am bound and determined that we will have a window box garden!  ...Or balcony box garden as the case may be.  Other projects in queue include:

  • Sew a messenger bag for Michael where he can store all the rocks, acorns, shells, etc that he comes across on our walks.  I'm thinking either denim or canvas.  Something hardy.  Boys are like that...
  • Decorate our "Collection" jar.  This is simply a plastic jar we use to store the treasures we find during our outdoor adventures.  I'd love to personalize it though.  Looks a little shabby.  :o(
  • Figure out a menu for Pascha day.  Do we go all out for breakfast?  Should I combine lunch and dinner if it comes to that?  And oh what should we make!?  
  • No list would be complete without featuring my blankets.  I need to finish crocheting at least one of the baby blankets.  Progress is still slow.  As you can see, I've changed to yellow to blue.  (Gender is known...)  Otherwise, progress is still slow.  

I doubt very much if I'll be able to post anything before next week.  We are heading to Montreal on Friday for a weekend visit with my sister and D's cousin.  A very exciting and trepidation-filled adventure.  How is J going to handle a 6 hour car ride?   We shall see.  And quite soon at that.  Wish me luck.  Or patience.  Or a stiff drink.  ;o)

So.  If indeed delayed I be in posting, I wish you, though somewhat in advance, an especially joyous weekend!  


  1. Here are some ideas for your Pascha. I get that they are mostly sweet, but hey, I figure that maybe you'll be inundated with Lamb and beef and BBQ. Me, I'll be at the Monastery, breaking eggs. They don't eat meat, so we'll have fish on Pascha. :~)





    1. Thanks for the links. I especially liked the first blog. Have to try out some of those recipes!

      Don't worry about the meat. Plenty of time for that afterwards. Anyhow, methinks your stomach will thank you on the morrow. Unlike mine perchance.