9 April 2012

It's Monday & we're home

We're back from a very special visit to Montreal.  Thank you, dear family, for your kindness, hospitality and love.  (And for the delicious food!)

The kids loved this trip, even with the long car ride, which wasn't as bad as I was anticipating.  Despite the sudden chillies, there were signs of spring everywhere.  Green grass cropping up everywhere, flower shoots peeking through the soil, trees shyly showing their little buds, the water happily gurgling away.  It was soothing to watch.  I felt as though my soul was chapped from the winter winds and spring's humble entrance was like a nourishing balm.  

The whole weekend, J was showered with attention.  And she loved every minute.  At the monastery, she spent hours in the kitchen going from nun to nun.  They fed her ice cream and pineapple... and anything else they were working on I imagine.  And here I was worrying that she would be hungry!  Then we went to visit D's cousin, Rana.  J had a willing audience there as well.  She would take Rana's hand and lead her where she wanted to go.  Or she would command Rana to take her here or there (using incoherent baby babble of course).    

While less fond of attention than his sister, my son had no less of a good time.  He loved the tractor.  Please show me a little boy who doesn't love tractors.  He loved exploring the world outdoors and was happiest tramping around with his backpack on.  

Needless to say, both kids loved the chickens.  

Speaking of chickens reminds me of eggs.  I must share this recipe I found via Jill at Elliemoon.  These are ridiculously cute homemade Cadbury creme eggs that I'm itching to try.  Thankfully, they're apparently not nearly as hard as they look, which makes them fabulous in my books!  If I'm not able to make them in time for Sunday, I think I'll still attempt them for M's birthday.  We shall see.

Since it is now Great and Holy Week - the week leading up to Easter - I think it is fitting for me to end this post with a reflection of sorts.  I hope you have a restful Monday.

"...When He (Christ) found wandering in the mountains and hills the one sheep that had strayed from God's flock or a hundred, He brought it back into the fold, but He did not exhaust it by driving it ahead of Him.  Instead, He placed it on His own shoulders, and so, compassionately, He restored it safely to the flock."  

St. Maximos the Confessor (+ 662 A.D.)

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