10 December 2012

This is Lebanon signing off

This is probably the last message I'll post from Lebanon.  We are winding down our time here and saying our goodbyes.  It is bittersweet - memories crowding back from our time here.  I know I've been remiss in keeping track of things.  The kids were sick for the whole month of November.  Basically tossing viruses back and forth.  Thankfully we seem to be mostly back to normal - with a few tummy aches here and there.  (Fingers crossed that things stay that way!)

M has had some exciting days in school.  A costume party on the 4th, a celebration of Lebanese Independence complete with a play, an animal show with actors, a birthday party.  He is in love with his teacher, Madame Rose.  He told her that he wants to take her to Canada with him.  It's so cute for us to hear that from this little boy with serious eyes.  He knows all his classmates names too and will go through a picture naming each one without blinking. 

I want to write about some of the adventures we've had in the past few days.  I'm not sure it's the right way to do it.  Too much is lost in the transposition.  How about this: once we return to Canada, if you'd like to hear some funny stories - definitely not your average adventures - give me a call and we'll have a chat over tea.  Tea with milk.  I do miss my Earl Grey.  Lots of tea here, but black.  Or herbal.  Delicious, of course!  But every now and then, a body wants a splash of Earl Grey or English Breakfast (with milk!) to warm up body and soul.  

Oh yes, last but not least, I feel compelled to shout to the world that I have found peanut butter!!  Yes, I spent almost 6 months without peanut butter, only to find it on the shelf in the supermarket beside the baking goods.  How I exalted!  M and J have been enjoying some PB sandwiches in the past couple of days with yours truly.  I just can't believe I spent so long without when it was right under my nose!  Go figure.  

Here's to hoping we can resume life in Canada after a safe trip!  We will miss you Lebanon.  Adjusting to life in Canada will feel odd.   Stay safe, everyone and happy trails!

PS - It's orange season here.  We've been up to our eyeballs in clementines and oranges.  Which means, of course that the weather is still pretty warm.  Nothing like summer time mind you.  We've  gotten down to around 18 degrees C most days.  Brrr.  Can't wait for snow!


  1. Can't wait to see you once you get back! We definitely won't to have tea and stories!! Xoxo safe trip home!

    1. Yes Mama Holohan. Let's have ourselves a cozy chat soon!

  2. Can't wait to hear all about the adventures! We missed you!


    1. Missed you too. Missed our playdates! We'll have to plan another once we get over the jet lag... :o)