28 January 2013

A cold-ish snap and all that yarn entails

The past few days have hit us with a cold snap.  To be fair, it hasn't been THAT cold.  I don't say that in a superior snobbish Canadian-like way.  It's just that when one hears of temperatures in the -40s elsewhere in one's country, -20 starts to feel a lot warmer.  It has contributed to a nice cozy fire in the woodstove heater and more indoor activities.

In other news, I found a yarn shop nearby the house with a collection of beautiful yarn.  I normally used to buy my yarn from Walmart or Zellers.  They don't have a lot of variety, and the quality is ok.  This shop is a crafters dream.  A cozy little nook tucked away on main street between several shops. All the yarn - wool, cotton and everything between - you could desire in every colour and shade.  To top it off, there is a round wooden table at the back between two shelves where two ladies sat and knit while I shopped.  I felt like I stepped into a storybook, or at least a 19th century English country shoppe.  :o)  I bought some skeins of yarn for the mice I am trying out.  I plan on returning once I'm done to scope out some lovely wool for a tea cosy I have planned.  My project list has grown in case you were wondering...

Thankfully, I am managing to whittle away at projects in queue from before our trip.  My zigzag blanket is now finished and ready for babies!  (Which baby is another question altogether.)  I am starting on another one using this pattern in oatmeal cotton.  Is it just me, or does yarn make the world a happier place?

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