8 February 2013


Such a snowy day!  (Even Baby 3 is kicking up his or her own little storm inside!)  It has been snowing all day... starting from last night.  We must have accumulated about 20 cm by now and  have shoveled the driveway collectively about three times.  Nothing like what Boston will see though.  Hopefully everyone out there is bunkered down cozily for the snow.

I am sitting in a cozy chair by the wood stove watching the white flakes coat the trees and everything in sight.  D is preparing the kids for bed while I write and there is a sort of comfortable lull in their rhythm as they wind down for bed.  

I look at their precious little faces during the day, with huge wondering eyes and eager little hands and my heart is full.  What blessings.  I know I fall short of being a good mom everyday, but they're so full of love that they don't remember and run to me with smiling faces and sweet kisses.  My little babies.  

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