6 May 2013

A day of hope!

First of all... Christ is risen!

Bright Mondays seem to be filled with the same grace of Pashca, but with an element of quiet rest. I can't explain why, but it always seems like a more gentle affirmation to the Resurrection.  There is  plenty of joy and sunshine, but the new excitement of the Feast gives way to acceptance, reflection and a subsequent deeper, quieter joy.

D. and I were talking last night how even on Pascha, for some, their joy is still tarnished with the sorrows of life - death, suffering and pain.  We remembered the captive bishops of Aleppo, friends who are still in mourning for loved ones who have died, and those suffering all over the world.  We remember you all, and our hope is directed towards that day where there will be no more tears or sorrows to mar our joy.

A blessed Pascha to you!

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