16 May 2013

Seed time!

Today we plant.  It is a perfect day to think of seeds - sunny, warm and full of apple blossom petals blown willy-nilly by the wind.  Our modest crop will include parsley, mint, and whatever else the kids decide to fill the last pot with.  It's a potted garden for us this year - can't be too ambitious with a baby coming next month.

But there's always help needed with grandma's ample beds.  Nothing can beat the smell of fresh tilled earth.  (Unless it's fresh bread, but I digress...)  I can only imagine how farmers felt as they worked the ground in the spring.  What a feeling.  

Notwithstanding the beautiful weather, I triumphantly proclaim that I have not neglected my crocheting!  Every day I make sure to finish at least one row in a baby blanket project I started during the winter.  I doubt it'll be done before baby comes, but at least it's not sitting neglected in a corner.  

I shall leave you with a glimpse or two of those little critters that I finished for a Pascha gift but never had a chance to showcase.  They about the size of my palm and terribly cute.  I'll have to refine the pattern for the head to include a little snout next time.  :o)  I'm sort of addicted to mini crocheted animals now.  (Maybe because they take less time to finish...?)


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