3 June 2013

A temporary fix

Well friends, our long journey for a home has been put on hold.  With baby due so soon and D's job demanding so much from him, we have made the decision to leap back into renting.  I am assured by my husband that it will be but for a short time while we regroup and refocus our energy for the search round II.  The problem is now that I have forgotten what's it's like to live in a condo... three children in a 2 bedroom, 1100 sq ft condo.  On the best of days that thought makes me a little gloomy.  Imagine a bad day.

Here we've had gardens and green aplenty.  There, we will have only our potted parsley and mint for the balcony- oh, and the aloe my mother promised.  What shall I do with 2 active monkeys (accustomed by now to living outdoors) and a newborn in a condo?  I've grown used to doing the dishes and watching from the kitchen window while the monkeys play outdoors.  Those days are numbered, as is folding laundry outside while dinner simmers on the stove.  (Tell me I'm not the only one who finds it ironic that my last post details ways to keep my babies indoors?)

The thing that kills me amidst all this is that I've seen so many homes - homes with beautiful kitchens, homes with backyards to die for, homes with perfect family neighbourhoods, homes with walls painted in gorgeous colours.  It has made me long even more for my own little casa.  I love the thought of sharing our home with others; of those summer BBQs outside while the kids run through the sprinkler or blow bubbles; of the rainy or snowy days spent in the kitchen or curled up (obviously beside a fireplace); of countless hours spent digging in the garden with little hands all around "helping"; of picking flowers on a walk through a nearby field, putting them little cups or a pitcher to decorate the house.  Well, I guess that last one could apply in a condo...  Anyhow.  I think you get the picture.  

And yes, I'll be the first to admit it all sounds a little TOO romantic.  But I've seen my little ones in a house and I've seen them in a condo, and I'll take the house with all the extra work thank you very much.  I know D too wants a house so badly.  I suspect though, and this is just a little inkling of a feeling, that I want it just a smidgen more.  (Must be all that extra time that I spend at home during the day while he's at work.)  

So in closing: a) a prayer or two would be greatly appreciated, and b) please don't think me desperate, but I would love to hear some advice and coping strategies...  


  1. Do you really have to move right now? Why not wait until after your baby's born, appreciate the time with family where you are now, have your baby in a place where you have wonderful help and move into your own place later. Put the bid on a house that is being built that has a move in date say 4-5-6-months after your baby's been born. Your cousin, Zara with her two children and husband Chad lived with your aunt Adrienne for a number of months while their house was being finished. Praying for you, and your whole family.

    1. Sounds perfect eh?! Except we've already been here since mid December and M starts school in September. I am so thankful for all the help - it has made this whole pregnancy so much easier. And I'm glad that baby will be here before we move to give us a bit of time to adjust and reorient before we strike out.