5 August 2013

Donut therapy

We have been sick.  Oh yes.  First it was strep throat with a little scarlet fever.  Then it was a viral cold.  Now it's hand, foot and mouth disease.  (Gee, it sounds so much more serious with "disease" at the end!)  The viral cold was actually the worst and we all succumbed, though not all at once.

Our bodies are recovering thankfully and the kids are again sleeping through the night, minus little S of course.  Obviously, it was high time for donuts!  The whole process is actually kind of therapeutic for me, and I try to do it when a bit of quiet reigns in the house. Watching spoonfuls of runny dough swell up in the hot oil to little golden puffs.  Noticing each donut's shape is different and enjoying each unique imperfection.  Sprinkling cinnamon sugar over them and popping one in my mouth while they're still hot.  I don't know why, though I suspect it's the comfort factor, but donuts are best when eaten fresh and warm.  

And since she's been filling my days with so much sunshine, I think it's only fair to share.  

My sweet girl.  How much my heart swells when I see you.  How much you are loved.

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