26 August 2013

Pirate mom ramblings

Lately, M has had role play in his head.  He comes up with the most creative scenarios involving us all.  This morning, I am midshipman mommie.  I serve under Captain M, with first mate J, lieutenant D and baby S as the crew.   We have our treasure map and are sailing the high seas.  Our provisions - apple slices and wooden animal puzzle cookies - have been inspected and deemed adequate for our journey.  We are fearless explorers on our table ship with blankets and pillows aplenty!  

The summer is passing so quickly.  School is inching closer each day.  I am clinging to the last golden days of August, before we are swept under the glorious banner of Autumn.  It's not that I don't love Fall with its crisp abundance.  It's probably my favourite season.  It's just that I don't want to miss a single moment of the present.  My little ones are growing up so fast.  Each day, each hour vanishing with alarming speed.  Even now, I am left wondering where it all went.

I am so thankful to be able to spend my days with these munchkins of mine.  Time does not have the same urgency for us as it seems to hold for others - unless it be my fervor to treasure each and every moment.  Our days are relatively stress-free.  (I say relatively because, let's face it, 3 young kids are not a recipe for zen-like tranquility.)  However, we have no deadlines, nowhere to be at a certain time, no tight schedule to adhere to.  It makes for a very peaceful frame of mind, assuming the monkeys are not trying to poke each others' eyes out with their swords and hammers.  (Is it a boy thing?!  Please, someone, reassure me!)  For the most part, we live in the present - in the now.  We complete our daily work, happily interrupted with spurts of play and learning.  There is rarely pressure to finish something right away.  It is a flexible ship we run.  

Of this, I am thankful.  The only thing missing is... well, I can think of a few, but I think I'll choose to forget them for now and just soak up what is.  

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