12 September 2013

Bits and pieces

In the interest of falafel and lasagna making, we've given our parsley another haircut.  This is cut #2 since we've moved to the condo and it's pretty exciting for us.  It's a foretaste of my "never having to buy parsley again" excitement - that which a real garden entails.  

We've been having a lot of excitement this past week.  M started school on Monday and we have been adjusting to a new rhythm.  I can remember how terribly disconcerting it is to be thrown into a new situation and left to swim.  My heart swells for this boy of mine.  So brave, so sweet, so eager to please everyone in his own way.  I miss him every moment he's not here.  Even little J feels his absence.  I've caught her calling him on her pretend phone at least twice already.  That was aside from the tears on day 1 when we left the school without her big brother.  Little ones.  They tug at your heart strings in so many ways.

In consideration of each of us and the new adjustments we've been dealing with, I've been taking things very slowly this week.  Lots of snuggles, reading books together, quiet morning conversations, a bit of crocheting before bed...

I thought I'd just share random bits of happiness that have passed my way this past little while.  
  • Love this fox by one of my favourite knitters.  She is so talented and her creations are just full of that special homemade touch of sweetness.
  • A great farm nearby that we're hoping to visit this season.  
  • Chocolate is great with just about everything.  Case in point.  
  • This recipe looks absolutely perfect to try out for the gluten-intolerant darlings in our lives.  Got my chickpea flour ground up and ready to boot.  :o)
  • Our library cards have already started heating up with several visits in the past two weeks.  I am so grateful for those libraries with kid friendly sections.  Ours is particularly fun for the monkeys.  If you're in the area and you've never checked it out, I heartily recommend you do!
  • I feel like Stephanie is living something resembling my dream life.  Such colourful garden produce and such gorgeous projects.  *sigh*
  • If I have my way, this is what my weekend will be spent doing.  
 Hope your weekend is restful and rejuvenating.  À la prochaine...

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