16 October 2013


Well, I finished this lovely Thanksgiving weekend with a sweet surprise.  I won something!  Ginny over at Small Things held a giveaway for a small handmade toy company called Simply Playing.  Now I'm not usually a lucky gal, but I've had my moments.  I consider my husband a pretty great catch, and while I didn't catch them, my 3 monkeys are more than I could wish for too.  Those two aside from several other blessings of course.  And now this!  It seems I have more to be thankful than I realized.  Hope your Thanksgiving was as full.

In other news, I have put aside my granny square project in favour of a more interesting (or at least more immediate) one.  Another little baby hat.  :o)  My little ones have theirs for the winter, but I am itching to do another one.  Possibly an elephant?  They don't take as long as a blanket, so the satisfaction of finishing one in a few days is more immediate.  Besides, it's been so long ago that I've done one and I'm afraid I've forgotten how!  This is definitely exhibit A of "I need to get more organized" syndrome.  *sigh*

Wish me luck with the hat...

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