23 October 2013


I am struck by the realization that while time passes so quickly for me, it passes slowly for my children.  Yes, I slow down by being home with the children and living in the moment, but days string by like beads and I can't believe how quickly they are gone.  Whereas to my little ones, 10 minutes is too long.  I wonder why that is?  Does age bring with it a sense of time passing faster?  What is it about grown-ups that changes our perception of time?    

We went apple picking again today.  It was a kind of spur-of-the-moment excursion, and I'm so glad.  We took M out of school early and made the trek up to the orchard.  40 lbs of mutsu apples later...

And yes, they will be eaten rather quickly if you're wondering.  We love apples around here.  Especially crunchy ones.  :o)  Come over and we'll share!  (But you better come soon...)

Some great little odds and ends that have come my way this week...
  • This clafoutis is going to be made tomorrow.  Oh yes'm.  
  • Possibly the mecca of yarn patterns?  I am in heaven!
  • A touching video that really slams the message home...
  • I have to learn how to make these darlings!  Aren't they fabulous!?

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