8 November 2013

Unlimited potential

Just yesterday I was thinking about my little ones.  They have it good... as did we all back then.  They are like limitless potential personified.  Practically anything is possible for them.  They can do anything, be anything, learn anything.  

I know there are optimists (hats off to you!) who truly believe that we can do anything no matter what age we are.  It's different though.  I'm a mama.  I can't learn or do things the way they can.  I have responsibilities, obstacles, limitations.  It makes doing things harder, if not impossible in some cases.  But a child?  (Human sponge comes to mind!)  They'll suck up anything you throw their way.  No problemo!  

It truly is a beautiful time to watch.  I am so thankful to have my babies around me.

And here are some other beautiful things I've come across recently...

  • Beeswax fun indeed!  I would love to have a pot msyelf to make these garlands and spruce up the home.
  • Speaking of beeswax, these candles are GENIUS! Genius, I tell you!  Shotgun this idea for the next birthday cake!
  • Not sure if I ever posted this, but these petits fours are gorgeous.  PS - I've made them and they are to die for!  I'm usually a cream girl, but the dacquoise is especially heavenly.
  • These hedgehogs are precious!  More motivation to learn knitting!  
  • I thought this would be a lovely treat to make during strawberry season next year...  
I promise to post a recipe for these cheese pies when I have a minute.  They're a piece of cake!  (Well, technically not, but you get the idea.)    

Happy weekending!  

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