29 October 2013

Reading & travels

Recently, I've been seeing a lot of blog posts on reading and knitting.  A win-win situation in my opinion as they are two of my favourite things!  No, I lied.  I cannot knit.  But if I could, it would be right up there!  

In fact, I think it's time knitting made it into my repertoire.  I love the look of pearl stitches - each flowing gracefully into the next.  Crocheted stitches seem chunkier to me in comparison, which I love in say hats or blankets.  But it would be so nice to know how to knit.   What can I say?  Some have more adventurous bucket lists than others...

Anyhow in the spirit of the times... I am currently reading The Dirty Life by Kristin Kimball.  I just started it.  I am simultaneously (and perhaps too ambitiously?) reading Sayings & Discourses by Dorotheos of Gaza.  I have been on that one for a while.  I mean, how much can you read when you have 3 monkeys running around?  Plenty!  If you don't mind having your house trashed that is.  (Still trying to figure out why my boy is so drawn to boisterous play...)  I read in the evenings, or at nap time.  And since both of those periods require me to sacrifice sleep to so do, I am not very consistent.  

M off adventuring

The grape vineyard and fruit orchard

We were in Montreal last weekend visiting dear friends.  The children had a wonderful time... especially with the horses.  Part of me is happy we were so busy enjoying our time there that we didn't take pictures.  Another part wants to have those souvenirs to show the little ones as they grow.  

D carrying a bushel of carrots

The horse-drawn plough resting after an afternoon of ploughing

We worked in a sort of leisurely way while we were there.  D had the honour of shoveling horse poop.  No biggie - just 2 horses and 3 ponies.  Seven tubs later...  

And he picked carrots.  Lots of carrots.  Bushels of carrots.  

The kids just shuttled back and forth between activities.  J especially enjoyed all the attention she was given.  I rarely saw her on Friday and Saturday.  She was too busy scuttling from one person to the next.  And didn't they just spoil her!

They had the woodstoves going during our stay.  The cold is settling in for the season it seems.  That is not an altogether terrible thought, though, for some reason, it takes some getting used to.  

After a restful night, we woke up on Saturday to this...   

D: Um, Alexa, look out the window.  
Me: (with three kids hanging off of me) I'm a little busy.  
D: No really, look out the window.  
Me: Can't you just tell me?!  
D: You won't believe me.  
Me (looking out the window): You're right.  I don't believe you.

Our first snowfall of the season!

(Pardon the blurry picture, but I did take it in the comfort and warmth of our little cabin window.)

The snow melted by afternoon and the rain washed away any residue.  But it was there.  Winter is coming!  Enjoy the rest of Autumn while it lasts!

PS - If you're looking for a way to capture all the beauty of the season, there's a Canon EOS Rebel giveaway here at DIY Dreamer.  Wish my luck would hold out for one of those!

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