30 December 2013

A sickly start to the year

Well, if this month is any indication of the rhythm of things, this year is going to keep us closeted due to illness for a good while!  We've been sick for almost a month.  Do you know what that means?  It means, my good people, that true sleep has become a thing of the far past!  That and December has come and gone without much notice on our part.  

Yet, somehow, there is light at the end of this long tunnel.  A whisper of clean air perhaps?  An almost vague smell of sunshine?

Little (and big) bodies are tired of fighting, yet valiantly continuing to fight on.  It brings a sweet warmth somehow (in a non-literal sense, obviously) when feverish little ones curl up against my side and ask for a story, or to help hold the little hand mixer.  And the kind ways my dear husband lifts my spirits and shoulders my burden.  We are learning patience, friends.  Patience with our bodies, patience with each other, patience waiting on the Great Healer.  

Not everything in life stops with us.  We watch, as though glued to a window - outside, apart from everyone - the world pass by at no mean speed.  The merrymaking, the festivities, the cheer, all serving to remind us of the time.  Then they drift away like smoke and time once again becomes a stranger in our lives.  (At least insofar as time means dates and deadlines.  Nap-times and mealtimes are non-negotiable.)

Our projects are not idle hobbies to pass the time.  They have become ways to keep love and laughter alive.  A few new peg people for the little ones.  A woodburning to send to a far-away friend.  A dabble in cheesemongering to save some old milk.  (That last one was a triumph of no small proportion.  Mozzarella is hardly a beginner cheese...)  

And so, another year is closed.  May the new one find you replete with health of spirit, quiet joy and inner peace.  (And maybe with a few loving projects of your own in queue?)

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