16 January 2014

Starting and finishing

I've been working on a hat for S.  It's a lovely soft gray wool twined with white.  I just need to finish the ears.  Something I enjoy doing at night after the kids are all in bed.  The time I should be using to wash my floors.  Oh well.  Clean floors will have to wait one more day.  

Speaking of things to finish, atayef (those thin little stuffed Arabic pancakes) were on my to do list for a few years.  We had them a few times while we were in Lebanon, but I never got the chance to make them until now.  They are so decadent when paired with real whipped cream.  I didn't have crushed pistachios to sprinkle on them, but they dress up well with berries or even a dollop of jam too, though now I wonder if I'm being too un-traditional.  I used this recipe and it was very helpful.  I did find that I needed quite a bit less water however.  I suggest starting with 2 cups of water (instead of 3) and working your way up slowly as needed.  I may also have used slightly less yeast, but I can't remember. 

Anyhow, if you love pancakes, you'll be hooked on these!  They are perfect for entertaining - say an elegant bite-sized teatime treat.  The syrup is nice touch too.  Adds a little pizzazz when drizzled on top or used as a dip.  (My kids are fans of dipping.)  

And before I sign off, here are a few little projects and lovelies to share.

  • This is a lovely shop.  The animal designs are especially nice.  
  • I'm all about organizing and this is beautiful!
  • This blanket is gorgeous and wouldn't take half the time to finish that knitting or crocheting would require.  An excellent idea for next Christmas?  That or I'm going to have to try quilting.  I am dying to make one for each of the kids, and I think I'd start with something like this.
  • I have promised to make J a messenger bag like her brother.  Which means I am on the lookout for a good pattern.  I like this one, likely in a smaller size.
  • And because I haven't had enough of making dresses for my girls, this pattern and this pattern are just begging to be started.

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