3 February 2014

A little older, a little wiser

We've been keeping busy these past few weeks with some projects.  They've been very absorbing - too much so to put down.  

The kids are really into masks, especially M.  He loves playing pretend and a mask makes it that much better!  I made a fox mask for him, and then we made a whole bunch of owl masks.  They were so much fun to make.  I think designing them is my favourite part.  And the help along the way from various family members (ie: babysitting and cutting felt) made them easy to finish.  

Can I just say it out loud?  I love making things!  Ok, I'm done.

Today my little girl turns 3.  My sweet little one.  Three years ago we held her tiny self in our arms for the first time and we fell in love.  She is her father's daughter.  The first to kiss him in the mornings; the first to run to him when he comes from work; his first playmate and confidant.  She brings sunshine and curls to our lives.  Our girl.  

She wanted a pink owl cake.  Pink owl cake it is.  I should take a cake decorating class.  One day my decorating skills (or lack thereof) will be inadequate for their tastes.  Thankfully, pleasing a 3 year old is easy.  A pink cake, some jello, maybe throw in a tiara and poof.  Happiness!  

Hoping that as she grows ever older, her happiness will not depend on grandeur, but on the simple.  Happy Monday to you!  

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